17th Education Webinar | Jerusalem: US Foreign Policy and its Impact

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Key Topics

Jerusalem was a place of harmony and peace before the advent of Zionism. After decades of Zionist colonization, Israel forcibly seized nearly 85% of Jerusalem’s total municipal area and in 1967 captured the remaining portion of Jerusalem.

Israel’s de facto annexation of Jerusalem in 1967 and its de jure annexation in 1980 were roundly condemned by the United Nations, which reinforced the international status of the city and utterly rejected Israel’s sovereign claim to it.

United States' foreign policy on Jerusalem has been more or less consistent with international law and the international community, in that Israel has no sovereign claim to Jerusalem. In 2017, that long-standing policy shifted to one of recognition. Israel’s encroachment on Palestinian lands in Jerusalem has increased in its verocity, and various communities have experienced home demolitions, ethnic cleansing, revocation of residencies, a diminution of resources, and much more.

This webinar highlights various elements of US policy on Jerusalem and its impact on Palestinian society.

Held on Thursday, June 9th, 2022, AMP hosted a live discussion online with a wonderful panel:

- Khaled Elgindy: Senior fellow at the Middle East Institute

- Lara Friedman: President of the Foundation for Middle East Peace

- Dr. Osama Abuirshaid: Executive Director of American Muslims for Palestine