Israeli Bombing of Yet Another UN School Demands U.S. Accountability


The human cost of Israeli bombings in Gaza continues to increase—Biden's red line has long been crossed

This morning, Israeli forces targeted al-Sardi school in central Gaza, a United Nations facility serving as a refuge for forcibly displaced Palestinians. This brutal attack claimed the lives of at least 40 Palestinians, including 14 children and 9 women, and left more than 70 wounded. 

This attack follows last week's bombing in Rafah, where a U.S.-made bomb was confirmed to have been used in an Israeli strike that resulted in the deaths of dozens of Palestinians. The use of American weaponry in these attacks underscores the depth of complicity and support of the U.S. government in the ongoing violence against Palestinians. Despite these glaring atrocities, the Biden administration continues to assert that it does not see evidence that Israel is deliberately targeting civilians and maintains that Israel has not crossed the so-called "red line" in Rafah.

This stagnant stance by the Biden administration raises serious questions about the threshold of violence and human suffering that must be met for the U.S. to reevaluate its unconditional support for Israel. The deliberate targeting of schools, homes, and U.N. shelters, facilities clearly marked and known to be housing civilians, cannot be brushed aside as collateral damage or accidental. The pattern of these attacks reflects a systematic disregard for Palestinian lives and a blatant violation of international law.

Moreover, the Biden administration's reluctance to hold Israel accountable sends a dangerous message that the lives of Palestinian children, women, and men are expendable. This not only emboldens further aggression but also perpetuates Israel’s impunity. It is imperative that the U.S. administration acknowledges the gravity of these war crimes and takes decisive action to suspend all military aid to Israel, enforcing strict compliance with international humanitarian law.

As we witness the continuous assault on Gaza, we must remember that these are not isolated incidents but part of a broader strategy of oppression and displacement. The United States must take a stand against these egregious violations of human rights. It is a moral and legal obligation to demand justice for the victims and to work towards a future where Palestinians can live in peace and dignity, free from the fear of bombings and occupation.