Israel Brutally Murders Palestinian-American Al Jazeera Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh


As the world learns of the Israeli Occupation Forces’ brutal assassination of Al Jazeera journalist and Palestinian-American Shireen Abu Akleh, American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) extends its sincere condolences to Shireen's family, Al Jazeera, and the entire Palestinian media family.

Today, AMP demands that the Biden administration condemn Israel’s murder of a U.S. citizen and well-renowned journalist, ensuring that Israel pays the price for the brutal assassination of a fellow American, and courageous human being.



How quickly would the Biden administration and the State Department react to the murder of a U.S. citizen and journalist in any other country around the globe? What would the condemnations look like? Would we consider sanctions? AMP urges U.S. officials to act with consistency.

So far, the U.S. response has been disgraceful. Abu Akleh was an American citizen, murdered in cold blood by a state that receives billions of dollars in American taxpayer funding every year. It is likely that Abu Akleh was shot by an American subsidized weapon and bullet, paid for by our tax dollars. 

State Dept. spokesperson, Ned Price, stated “​​We are heartbroken by and strongly condemn the killing of American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in the West Bank. The investigation must be immediate and thorough and those responsible must be held accountable. Her death is an affront to media freedom everywhere.This is not enough!

Demanding an “investigation” into the murder of an American on foreign soil is only a slap on the wrist. Without proper accountability coming from the U.S. as an ally, Israel will continue to terrorize the Palestinian people, make a mockery of international law, and continue to disrespect the United States which provides it with a lifeline. 

Day in and day out, Israel proves its ugly and brutal nature. It believes that it’s a state above well-established international law, not subject to the same standards and values as the international community.

Israel is not satisfied with the war crimes it commits every day against the tormented Palestinian people. It’s not satisfied with the amount of civilian blood that it sheds. It’s not satisfied with the ongoing demolition of Palestinian homes and businesses, not to mention the displacement of thousands in the process. It’s not satisfied with imprisoning thousands of Palestinians, including women and children, old and young. It’s not satisfied with its collective punishment of Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank, nor its brutal siege and blockade of nearly two million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. It’s not satisfied with the massive theft of Palestinian lands and the establishment of illegal settlements. 

Israel is more than an apartheid settler-colonial regime; it’s a rogue state that is rebellious against every value that defines humanity. It’s a pariah and a terrorist state that must be treated as such.

Israel and its supporters and apologists are keen to silence the voices of truth, suppressing and targeting anyone who dares to speak against its criminal behavior. Shireen is only the latest victim in a long list of journalists murdered by Israel. 

The description is of the essence: Israeli occupation forces murdered Abu Akleh with a bullet to the head while she was covering Israeli raids of the West Bank city of Jenin. Abu Akleh was wearing a PRESS vest, clearly identifying herself as a journalist, but Israel’s record on freedom of the press speaks for itself: a case study of apartheid within journalism. 

Israel succeeded in killing a messenger of the truth, as millions mourn a woman who broke barriers and emerged in the early 2000s as a brilliant voice on the ground in Palestine. However, Israel continues to fail in killing the message and the truth. 

The U.S. has played a primary role in supporting Israeli occupation and settler colonialism over the past 8 decades. That’s why it must transform into a responsible and consistent player, curbing Israel's terrorism, trailblazing, and steering clear of complicity in its crimes. 

We cannot stand against aggression in Ukraine and be complicit in it with respect to Palestinians. If the U.S. and the West truly believe Russia is committing war crimes in Ukraine, then they should apply the same standard to Israel's actions in occupied Palestine. Selective humanity and morality are inhumane, immoral, and undemocratic.

This complicity must end!