Despite the Ongoing Nakba, the Tide is Shifting


A Message from the Convention Chairman

This year's Palestine Convention, entitled "Nakba 75: One Year Closer to a Free Palestine," will emphasize Palestinian indigeneity, imbue our future generation of activists with a proper conceptualization of Al-Nakba (Catastrophe), and better position them to be part of the ongoing liberation endeavor.



The Nakba rests in the collective memory of the Palestinian people worldwide and unites Palestinians toward a common cause, but more importantly, a common goal of justice and liberation. While our landscape was destroyed in 1948, and our dispossession has been ongoing since, the Nakba has led to the crystallization of a distinct Palestinian identity that we express in our daily lives in Palestine, the surrounding Arab states, and the rest of the diaspora community.

The constant assaults in the West Bank, most recently in Turmusaya and Jenin, are indicative of the ongoing nature of the Palestinian Nakba. Israeli occupation forces not only target Palestinians who live in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, but also Palestinian Americans visiting their homeland, who were the latest victims of Israeli settler violence and Israeli occupation & aggression.

Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity are not going unnoticed. Our activism has unearthed the reality of Israeli oppression against the Palestinian people. The world is realizing the truth of Israeli apartheid and in turn are advocating for their human rights.

Through our advocacy work, educational programs, and grassroot campaigns here in the United States, we are gaining momentum and the tide is shifting in support of Palestinian human rights. Recent polls have shown that the trajectory, especially among the younger generation, is moving in a pro-Palestinian direction. As a result, more and more Members of Congress are highlighting Israeli human rights violations.



It is of utmost importance that we build on this changing dynamic so that we put an end to zionist settler-colonialism and Israel apartheid, achieve justice and liberation for the Palestinian people, and witness in our lifetime a free Palestine. Taking part in this convention, along with your families and community members, is an important step toward that direction. 

Be a part of this critical moment of history and join the largest gathering for Palestine in the U.S. Register today! 


Salah Sarsour
Convention Chair