The Biden Administration is Responsible for Israel’s Horrific Massacre in Rafah


Only 48 hours after the ICJ demanded an immediate halt to Israel's military actions in Rafah, Israel doubled down and committed yet another massacre 


Yesterday, Israel perpetrated a horrific massacre in Rafah, dropping 2,000-pound bombs on refugees living in tents and cynically labeling it a military target. These bombs targeted a refugee camp housing displaced Palestinians in a designated safe zone in Rafah, murdering 45 Palestinians, most of them women and children. This brutal attack on the camp in Tal as-Sultan followed a series of bombings on shelters in other areas, including Jabalia, Nuseirat, and Gaza City, which killed at least 160 additional Palestinians.

This atrocity comes only 48 hours after the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued a legally binding ruling demanding an immediate halt to Israel's military actions in Rafah. Israel's blatant non-compliance with this ruling not only flouts international law but also renders any continued arms transfers to Israel illegal.

Since Friday, Rafah has endured over 60 bombings, underscoring the relentless and disproportionate nature of Israel's military campaign against Palestinians. These acts of violence are not isolated incidents but part of a systematic pattern of targeting and terrorizing the Palestinian population.

The Biden Administration is single-handedly responsible for the continued massacre of Palestinians by failing to hold Israel accountable since October and for continuing to greenlight the genocide. By providing unwavering political, financial, and military support to Israel, the Biden Administration defies international law and enables Israel's ongoing war crimes. The administration's inaction and tacit approval have continuously emboldened Israel to continue its brutal campaign against the Palestinian people with impunity.

We condemn these barbaric actions in the strongest terms and call upon the Biden administration to take immediate and decisive action to stop the ongoing genocide. The U.S. must cut all military aid to Israel immediately and hold it accountable for its war crimes. Compliance with international law is not optional; it is a mandate that must be enforced to ensure justice and protection for the Palestinian people.

Additionally, we demand that Congress disinvite Prime Minister Netanyahu and cease threatening the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the International Court of Justice (ICJ). These institutions must be respected and allowed to operate without intimidation to uphold international justice and accountability.

The massacre in Rafah is a glaring example of the urgent need for a permanent ceasefire and a reevaluation of the U.S.’s allyship with Israel. We demand an end to the bloodshed and unwavering support for the rights and dignity of the Palestinian people. The Biden Administration must be held to account for its complicity in these atrocities and its role in perpetuating the suffering of the Palestinian people.