AMP Offers Condolences to our Colleague Zarefah Baroud



We regret to inform you that Zarefah Baroud, our incredible Digital Media Associate, lost six members of her family last night in an Israeli airstrike on their home in southern Gaza. 

Those killed were: 

  • Anas Baroud, 18 years old and was in his first year at university;
  • Walid Baroud, 16 years old and had just finished memorizing the Quran this summer;
  • Mahmoud Baroud, 14 years old;
  • Yaman Baroud, 11 years old;
  • Fadwa Baroud, 9 years old;
  • And their mother, Khadija Al-Hadily.

Three other Baroud family homes were bombed in Gaza City, Nuseirat Camp, and Shati Refugee Camp. The whereabouts of the family members from Nuseirat and Shati are unknown as Zarefah and her family have been unable to reach them. 

From all of us at American Muslims for Palestine, we offer our deepest and sincere condolences to Zarefah and the entire Baroud family. We ask Allah to accept them as martyrs and pray that Allah protects the rest of her family members. We ask Allah to give her and her family patience and strength in this difficult time.