National boycott of Israeli dates takes off!


Are you purchasing occupation dates? 

It’s that time of year that AMP re-launches its annual Israeli Date Boycott. We’re reaching out to you to invite you to participate in this imperative campaign. We have a lot to share with you and we’ll start with this: 

The Israeli date industry is built on theft. At least 40% of Israeli dates are grown in illegal Israeli settlements, enclaves of stolen land where Palestinians have been dispossessed. Moreover, Israeli date production relies on stolen natural resources such as water, which is often diverted from Palestinian communities to Israeli date farms. Palestinian laborers, who are often forced by economic necessity to work in these illegal settlements, are subjected to grueling physical labor with measly pay. Their abusive work conditions are equally extended to children, whom Israeli settlement farms are known to illegally employ. 

Will you pledge to boycott ALL occupation dates? 

Since AMP launched the National Boycott of Israeli Dates in 2011, we’ve seen a tremendous drop in Israeli date imports to the US. US imports of Israeli dates have dropped to 16.5% for the market year 2020/2021 compared to 25% in 2015. The date boycott is tremendously effective. That’s why it’s imperative that we keep going and continue amplifying the boycott call!



In support of Palestinian liberation, boycott the thirteen Israeli date brands and retailers: Hadiklaim, Mehadrin, Delilah, Carmel Agrexco, Anna and Sara, Shah Co, Sincerely Nuts, Urban Platter, Star Dates, King Soloman, Food to Live, and Navafresh. 

Watch out for these brand names, and avoid labels such as “Made in Israel,” but also “Made in the West Bank” or “Made in the Jordan Valley.” Dates with these labels are almost always made on Israeli settlements. The Israeli date industry often uses these vague labels to conceal their true origin. Be sure to always check the label to avoid accidentally purchasing Israeli Occupation dates. 

Help us amplify the boycott call

  • Sign our pledge to boycott Israeli dates in support of justice for the Palestinian people.
  • Share our campaign posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) on your social media using the hashtags #BoycottIsraeliDates and #ChecktheLabel
  • Find alternative date companies that you can buy from! Palestinian dates are often labeled “Grown in Palestine,” and there are a plethora of Algerian, Tunisian, Emirati, and Californian varieties to choose from.