Boycott Israeli-Occupation Dates

Choose Occupation-Free Dates this Ramadan!

Did you know Israel exports more than half the world's Medjool dates? And that Israeli date imports in the US are valued at $51 million per year, according to the USDA? Almost all dates grown in the Jordan Valley are grown in Israeli settlements grown on stolen Palestinian land. Profits from those dates support the settlement industry, while Palestinians are forced by harsh economic conditions created by the occupation to work on these date farms for substandard wages and in hazardous conditions? This Ramadan, choose occupation-free dates. Buy American! Boycott Israeli dates for the sake of our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

Boycott Jordan River, Jordan River Bio-Tops, King Solomon and any brands marketed by Hadiklaim! Purchase California dates instead. Two brands to try are and 

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Read "Dates of Infamy,"
about exploitation of Palestinian 
workers on date farms


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Date Boycott PowerPoint