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The American Muslims for Palestine calls upon all mosques and imams nationwide to dedicate their Friday Jumma Khutbahs to Al Aqsa in a show of solidarity to those who are peacefully working to protect the sanctity of this blessed and holy site, which is under occupation, according to the international law. 


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There is no city in the world today more hotly contested than Jerusalem. For thousands of years this blessed city has stood at the crossroads of trade route and religious traditions. But for decades, Zionist Jews have made no qualms about their intent to take over Jerusalem and make it the “undivided capital” of Israel.

Since it illegally occupied Jerusalem in the 1967 war, Israel has gone to great lengths to destroy any vestiges of other faiths in attempts to rewrite history and “Judaize” the holy city of Jerusalem.  In addition to changing street names and other signage to Hebrew and English – erasing the Arabic language – demolishing mosques and churches, Israeli authorities are intent on transferring the indigenous Palestinian population out of Jerusalem.

Currently, we see that the Israeli government as well as Israeli society is becoming increasingly  intolerant of other faith traditions. This religious nationalism is being used to erase the Palestinian Muslim and Christian heritage in Jerusalem. Now, Israel has placed metal detectors and checkpoints at the gates leading to the Al Aqsa mosque compound. This is changing the internationally recognized Status Quo of the holy site. The Status Quo is the result of Israel's occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967.  Al Aqsa is overseen by the Islamic Waqf, for trust, which is administered by Jordan. In the Status Quo agreement, Israel pledged to allow Palestinians and Muslims free and unfettered access to Al Aqsa and to refrain from restricting their rights to worship freely. 

Please use this project page to get information on Jerusalem as well as action alerts and statements addressing the current situation. 

AMP rejects Israel’s actions at Al Aqsa sanctuary

The American Muslims for Palestine, a national, education organization, views with great concern new developments by the Israeli military at the Al Aqsa sanctuary in Jerusalem. Closing the mosque to worshipers as well as placing metal detectors and checkpoints at the third holiest site in Islam contravene international law, restricts freedom of religion and violates the internationally agreed upon status quo of the Al Aqsa compound.

The status quo, which is administered by Jordan under the auspices of an Islamic Waqf or trust, came into being after Israel’s 1967 occupation of East Jerusalem and stipulates the entire compound will be kept in accordance with Islamic laws and will be open for Muslim worshipers. 
AMP asserts the new tactics imposed by Israel authorities will only inflame tensions in Palestine and the Middle East and eventually could lead to massive unrest in the Muslim world that would destabilize the region and threaten U.S. national interests there. 

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