Home demolitions in East Jerusalem

January 25, 2017
Home demolition

Since the start of the Oslo negotiations how many houses have been demolished?

During the Oslo negotiations (1993-2000), some 740 homes were demolished. Another 5,000 homes have been demolished since the beginning of the second Intifada (October 2000) through 2004.

What was the cost of house demolitions in East Jerusalem in 2001?

3 million Shekels, or $700,000

How many Palestinian built homes in East Jerusalem are defined by Israeli authorities as illegal and in danger of demolition?

About 9,000, as of late 2004. 

Since the Occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967 how many government sponsored housing units have been built for Israelis and Palestinians?

Israelis – More than 100,000;  Palestinians 500

How many house were demolished in East Jerusalem in 2004?

More than 140 homes.


Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions