Contact Congress to Defend Humanitarian Aid and Workers in Gaza


The past six months have seen over 31,000 Palestinians killed in Israel's relentless war on Gaza, enabled by unconditional U.S. military aid. This genocide has resulted in the displacement of 85% of Palestinians in Gaza, with 93% facing acute hunger and widespread destruction of homes and infrastructure. Recent findings by global famine experts have revealed sobering facts: Palestinians in Gaza are facing high levels of acute food insecurity, and famine is imminent.

This dire situation demands swift and decisive action to save lives. Here's how you can make a difference:

Contact your Members of Congress (both senators and representatives) and urge them to pressure the Biden Administration to:

  1. Reinstate full funding to UNRWA to ensure essential services reach Palestinians in Gaza and defend the critical work of humanitarian aid workers.
  2. Prioritize and demand the opening of all borders for aid delivery to Gaza and other affected areas to ensure unimpeded access to humanitarian assistance.
  3. Initiate an immediate halt to all U.S. weapons transfers to Israel until compliance with international humanitarian law is ensured.
  4. Demand and facilitate a complete, permanent, and unconditional ceasefire 

Additionally, be sure to watch this rich conversation about "Defunding UNRWA: Gaza's Remaining Lifeline" featuring Francesca Albanese (UN Special Rapporteur oPt), Dr. Thaer Ahmad (Emergency Medicine Physician), and Ayah Ziyadeh (AMP Advocacy Director). 

Encourage your networks, friends, and family members to join this advocacy effort. Your continued Congressional advocacy is crucial to shaping policies and decisions directly impacting Palestinian lives.

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