AMP's 2022 Annual Report


Take a look at all the amazing work we were able to accomplish together

February 24, 2023 - Washington, DC: Over the course of 17 years, AMP has transformed from a small organization working on local events in Chicago and Milwaukee into a leading, active, and influential national organization for Palestinian rights with 11 active chapters, and a base in Washington, D.C. We proudly lay before you our 2022 annual report, which highlights our biggest accomplishments of the year. With the grace of Allah first, the support of generous contributors like you, and with the competence and determination of its leadership, employees, branches, and volunteers, we have accomplished so much.



The picture may look bleak on the surface, but what is going on beneath is entirely different. If we believe in the power of our voice, our ability to bring about change, understand what needs to be done, and work towards it, I promise you we will succeed. History does not reward the inactive, and fate changes by those most eager to challenge the status quo.

Thank you for your continuous support, we look forward to updating you in the future on our ongoing work.