AMP staff and chapters take racial justice training and receive training in project management


One of the most exciting things about AMP is that the vast majority of our volunteers, staff, and leadership are young. With such a young base of organizers, the future's looking bright. For that reason, AMP is heavily invested in ensuring that all members of the organization are equipped with the tools they will need to navigate the complexities of community organizing and the challenges of the political environment we live in today. 



‘Just because we are oppressed, it doesn’t mean we can’t contribute to the oppression of others.’ - Racial Justice and Equity Training Participant

In the past two months, AMP staff and chapters received training in racial justice and equity in an effort to deepen our understanding of racial inequities in the US and how we may be contributing to them as a community as well as how we are impacted by them as an Arab, Palestinian and Muslim community. The training unpacked the Black-Palestinian joint struggle, Zionism as settler-colonialism, and white supremacy culture. Participants in the training developed practices to mitigate our own complicity in the oppression of others and identified challenges we must overcome in order to move forward as a Palestinian and Muslim community. 



‘We’re here to create a system of value delivery: a collection of strategic activities aimed at building, sustaining, and/or advancing an organization.’ - Project Management Specialist, Ayman Jarwan

Additionally, AMP staff and chapter members were trained in project management principles and practices over a span of two months. This training was designed to help our staff and chapter leaders better manage small and major projects. The training covered the 12 principles of project management, assessing project needs, developing project scope, identifying risks, creating project schedules, developing project teams, and planning and procuring resources. The training was conducted by a 26+ year project management professional and prepared our staff and chapters to take the Project Management Professional exam administered by the Project Management Institute. 

Invest in us as we aim to enhance our work for this just and noble cause.