AMP helped mobilize support for a historic Congressional letter on Palestinian rights


March 12, 2021 | | Washington, DC -- Today Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Congressman Pocan (D-WI) sent an important letter, co-signed by 10 members of Congress, to the Department of State. The letter requests answers to the eight letters sent by Congress last year regarding Palestinian rights. We applaud this letter and are proud that a Palestinian-American Congresswoman took the lead on it. We are also proud of the role AMP played in making it happen.

AMP and our supporters played an instrumental role in advocating for the letter and convincing other members to sign it. It's an important moment for us as an organization and for the Palestinian rights movement in general.

We particularly celebrate this sentence from the letter: 


Last year, Congress sent eight letters to the Trump administration about different Palestinian rights issues. The subject of these eight letters ranged from Israel’s denial of COVID vaccinations for Palestinians to home demolitions and more. The previous administration ignored all of the letters, flaunting its blatant disregard for congressional oversight of the executive branch.

Despite the problematic stances taken so far by the Biden administration, we feel optimistic. We are a part of a tidal wave, demanding justice, dignity, and rights for Palestinians. We are just getting started! 

Read the full letter on Rep. Tlaib's website here.