Imam Omar Suleiman: Not only is this ridiculous, it's illegal


I was disturbed to read reports last week that a Palestinian American educator and children’s speech pathologist, in my home state of Texas, lost her job because she refused to sign a loyalty oath to Israel. 

I shared the story of Bahia Amawi, a mother of four, on social media to warn against attempts by Congress to pass a similar law and to call for action. Not only did this ridiculous and illegal law pass in Texas and 25 other states in the last few years, but members of Congress on both sides of the aisle are continuing to push for the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, which would effectively criminalize First Amendment-protected political speech. 

I was heartened to see Sens. Bernie Sanders and Dianne Feinstein speak out against this unconstitutional bill on Wednesday. I absolutely believe that the tide is turning, and there is no longer one side dominating the political discourse in America. In the last month, we heard from newly-elected congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib openly express their support for BDS and Palestinian rights. 

But the fight continues. We saw what happened to Bahia Amawi. These laws, which violate our constitutionally-guaranteed rights, have a very real and dangerous impact on our lives. So I can’t stress to you enough how essential it is to invest in Palestine advocacy work. We need to organize at the legislative level to shift U.S. policy toward one of justice and equality for Palestinians.

For over a decade, AMP has been a leader in the movement for justice in Palestine — which is why I’m writing you today to ask that you support its critical work and make your year-end, tax deductible gift today. 

In April, AMP will bring 500 young leaders, activists, and chapter partners from around the country to the nation’s capital for its annual Palestine Advocacy Day. Following a weekend intensive focused on lobbying and political engagement, the delegation plans to meet with the offices of hundreds of members of Congress. This worthwhile initiative is crucial to advancing advocacy work for Palestine, exposing our lawmakers to an alternative narrative, and combating anti-BDS legislation at home and apartheid, occupation, and devastation in Palestine. 

But AMP can’t do this without your help. This organization relies on generous donations from supporters like you to sustain its work. As the Trump administration continues undermining Palestinian rights, this is a critical time to change the narrative—and policy—on Palestine. Make your tax-deductible donation before the year ends. Please invest in the next Palestine advocate today!

Join me today in supporting the only Muslim organization in the U.S. working exclusively on the issue of Palestinian rights. Resisting injustice and oppression is an integral part of our obligations toward God and humanity.  

Your brother,

Imam Omar Suleiman
Yaqeen Institute