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For the first time in the history of the US-Israel relationship, more than two dozen Democratic lawmakers took a firm stand against Israel’s brutal aggression, letters from Congress were sent demanding the White House intervene and restrain Israel, and Congress introduced bills suspending military aid to Israel until it ended its occupation and stopped its racist policies against Palestinians. 

Opinion polls confirm that public support for Israel is steadily declining. Reliable data reveals that Millennials and Gen Z are more sympathetic to Palestinians than older generations. Polls also indicate that sympathy for Palestinians among minority groups in the US is on the rise, especially among African Americans. The human rights community is now in consensus that Israel is an apartheid state. Today, more Americans know that claims such as Israel are "the only democracy in the Middle East" are a big lie. 

None of this would have been possible had it not been for your support.

American Muslims for Palestine is leading this transformation. Our campaigns, advocacy work, and mobilization efforts are among the best and most effective. Palestine has become an integral component of the social justice movement in America. We know how to work in our landscape and what tools are most effective. “We have not sent a messenger except in the language of his people to clarify ˹the message˺ for them” (The Noble Quran: 14:4).

We are confident that, with the grace of Allah and then with your support, we will be able to achieve a better future for Palestine here in America. The future is ours if we invest in it.

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