October 16, 2021

Burgerim: Facts and Information

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In recent months, dozens of Burgerim fast-food chains have been popping up in the United States with many targeting Muslim communities through their “halal” menus. Burgerim, which translates to “many burgers” in Hebrew, is an Israeli-founded and Israeli-owned company, and continues to operate in Israel with several restaurants open across the region. While Burgerim in the U.S. is technically registered as a separate legal entity from the restaurant chain in Israel, the fact remains that Burgerim was founded on stolen Palestinian land, on the site of massacres, and has benefited from an Israeli economy built on Palestinian dispossession and occupation. As activists have pointed out, the company brands itself as an Israeli company and the distinction the company is now trying to make is disingenuous.

AMP has issued a fact sheet in response to numerous questions about this chain marketed to Arab and Muslim communities in the U.S.