June 17, 2024

AMP 2021 Annual Report: Cracking The Dams of US Complicity

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At AMP, we have always promised that our work for Palestine will continue to evolve and improve. We are keen to fulfill our promise to you and are keen to honor our word. 

We understand our responsibility towards our just cause. For us, this is a mission, not a job. We are doing Palestine no favor. Rather, we are the ones who are honored with this mission. Last year was a tremendous year for Palestine in America. Through your support, we were able to achieve so much. This report is a testament to that

We are grateful to have partners on this path like you to help make our efforts for the noble cause of Palestine possible. We’re now a month into 2022, and we’re as busy as ever. We look forward to working with you on all our new and exciting projects. With your sustained support, we will write a success story that will make our people in Palestine proud of us. 

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