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Turn out for Al Aqsa this week – Events planned across the country

Surveillance cameras to replace metal detectors

(WASHINGTON DC 07/25/2017) – Israeli authorities announced today it was removing the metal detectors outside Al Aqsa’s gate they erected last week. In their place “advanced technology” surveillance cameras are being installed and Palestinians in Jerusalem are still refusing to go through the checkpoints to pray.

Israel divided Ibrahimi mosque in Al Khalil in 1994, after Zionist Jewish militant Baruch Goldstein gunned down 29 Palestinians in cold blood as they bowed in prayer. Two-thirds of the mosque was given to Jews and is off-limits to Palestinians. One third remains for Muslim worshipers and that space is monitored by more than one dozen surveillance cameras that record video and sound. What’s happening at Al Aqsa is a visible symptom of Israel’s occupation and it’s encroachment on the sanctity of Al Aqsa mosque compound.

“What Israel is doing is absolutely unacceptable as it serves to threaten the internationally recognized Status Quo, created after the 1967 occupation of East Jerusalem to protect Palestinian sovereignty over Islam’s third holiest site,” said Osama Abuirshaid, AMP national policy director. “We are asking all our supporters and people of conscience everywhere to turn out for rallies, prayers or lectures across the country or to create their own using our Organizers Tool Kit found on our website.”

Attend one of these events or create your own. 

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