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Tell John Kerry #NoMarchOnAqsa

Calling indigenous Palestinians “inhuman” and “foreign Arab occupiers,” the leader of the Temple Mount movement has called upon Zionist settlers to march on Al Aqsa Sunday, while right-wing Jewish groups also demand that Muslims be prohibited from entering Islam’s third holiest site during the week.

The right-wing religious Jewish groups are asking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to close Al Aqsa, Islam’s third holiest site, from sundown on Saturday to sundown on Sunday, as well as from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. during the rest of the week, according to media reports.
Temple Mount leader Gershon Salomon also referred to Muslim Palestinian worship at Al Aqsa as a “satanic,” and a “pagan abomination,” according to a statement on the group’s website.


Leading up to the march, Zionist settlers have been attacking Palestinians at Al Aqsa since the end of Ramadan.

The American Muslims for Palestine, a national education and advocacy organization, condemns the planned march in the harshest possible terms and calls upon Secretary of State John Kerry to pressure Israel to ensure the inflammatory event does not take place.

“Linking this march to a Jewish holiday is merely a ruse, used to obfuscate the real issue that the religious nationalist movement, backed by the Israeli government, has been working for decades to seize the Islamic holy site and to prevent Palestinians access to it,” said Dr. Hatem Bazian, AMP chairman. “It is an attempt in the ongoing displacement of Palestinians from their homeland and the Judaization of Jerusalem. Zionists are rewriting history and attempting to erase all Palestinian Muslim and Christian history from the city.”


Time again, we’ve seen that direct action works. We must contact Secretary Kerry to demand that Al Aqsa and Palestinians are protected from this unwarranted threat.

Please send an email today and then Tweet at @JohnKerry and President Barack Obama at @Potus to demand that Israel prevent the march and protect Palestinians’ access to their holy sites and to protect their freedom of worship.

Sample Tweets:
International law guarantees freedom of religion. Let Palestinians worship in peace and security. #NoMarchonAqsa @JohnKerry @POTUS

American law dictates reciptients of foreign aid must uphold human rights Stop Sunday’s march on Al Aqsa @JohnKerry @POTUS #NoMarchonAqsa

Religious extremists attack Palestinians at Al Aqsa, 3rd holiest site in Islam. Uphold religious freedom Tell Israel #NoMarchonAqsa @JohnKerry @POTUS

Demand Palestinians' rights to worship freely and in security are upheld. And tell the world, #NoMarchonAqsa

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