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Members of Congress are considering a bipartisan resolution that officially rejects the findings of the United Nations-commissioned Goldstone Report on Israel’s military offensive against Gaza. The resolution also calls on President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to urge U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice to veto the report in the UN Security Council.

Congress is expected to vote on the bill – H.R. 867 – by this weekend. It is urgent that you call both your Senators and your Congressperson today and tell them to vote against this bill. . It ignores the conclusions of the Goldstone Report and simply parrots Israeli government denial.

Judge Richard Goldstone has challenged the U.S. to substantiate its claim that his report is "flawed." President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton have made no response. The carefully researched and documented report deserves a response, not a veto. The people of Gaza, who were brutally attacked, deserve a hearing. What message are we sending to the rest of the world when we grant Israel complete impunity?

Let Congress know this legislation is unacceptable. It is not in the U.S. interest to disregard war crimes. It is not in the U.S. interest to rewrite international law. It is not possible to grant Israel impunity while demanding other nations respect human rights.

Please call U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and demand the U.S. supports the Goldstone Report in the UN Security Council. Tell Secretary Clinton that a veto of the Goldstone Report would further tarnish America’s image in the world. Contact Secretary Clinton at 202.647.5291.

Contact your representatives or call the Capitol switchboard at the numbers below.
U.S. House of Representatives 202.225.3121
U.S. Senate 202.224.3121

The American Muslims for Palestine is a national grassroots organization whose mission is to educate the American public and media about issues relating to Palestine and its rich cultural heritage. For more information or to make a donation, call 888.404.4AMP.

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