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Support Atlanta Journal columnist for honest piece on the ‘Huckabee Plan’


(PALOS HILLS, IL 08/20/09) - Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee – who could be the Republican Party’s frontrunner in the 2012 presidential election - supports the transfer of Palestinians from their historical homeland. While in Israel on Tuesday, Huckabee told reporters, “The international community should consider establishing a Palestinian state someplace else,” according to the Associated Press.

Huckabee’s comments have gone mostly unnoticed in the American media, save for a brilliant piece written by Atlanta Journal Constitution columnist Jay Bookman. On Wednesday, Aug. 19, Bookman tackled the “Huckabee Plan” and said it would lead to the violent, forcible and bloody removal of Palestinians from their rightful homeland:

“Creating a Palestinian state ‘somewhere else’ would require the mass exodus of millions of Palestinians from lands where their parents and grandparents and great-grandparents and great-great grandparents had lived and are buried. That exodus would have to occur at the point of a gun, because people would not leave homes and farms of many generations any other way. Even at gunpoint, many would refuse to leave. It would be mass ethnic cleansing of the ugliest sort, and there would be bloodshed, and the rest of the world would react in justified horror to it.”

The American Muslims for Palestine calls on you to support Bookman for his honesty in exposing the brutality of Huckabee’s words. It is important to recognize and support the journalists who aren’t afraid of the Zionist backlash they endure when they write the truth.
  • You can support Bookman by submitting a positive comment online under his column The implications of the ‘Huckabee plan’ for Mideast peace” Go to
  • Contact Public Editor Shawn McIntosh at, 404.526.5007 or [email protected] and thank the Atlanta Journal Constitution for publishing Jay Bookman’s column, “The Implications of the ‘Huckabee Plan’ for Mideast Peace,” which was published on Aug. 19. AMP also calls on you to contact Mike Huckabee and question his comments. Ask him how a potential presidential candidate could espouse ideas that would deny basic human rights to the Palestinians.
  • Send your comments to [email protected]. AMP kindly requests you send a blind copy of your e-mails to Mike Huckabee and the Atlanta Journal and/or a copy of your online comment to AMP Media Director Kristin Szremski at [email protected]. The American Muslims for Palestine is a national, grassroots organization whose mission is to educate the American public on issues pertaining to Palestine and its rich cultural heritage.

The American Muslims for Palestine is a national grassroots organization whose mission is to educate the American public and media about issues relating to Palestine and its rich cultural heritage. For more information or to make a donation, call 888.404.4AMP.

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