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Send a strong message to Biden: Palestinian rights now!

Last week, we were horrified to watch as outgoing President Trump incited a white supremacist mob to storm the Capitol in an attempted coup. Despite this insurrection, Congress certified the Electoral Votes paving the way for President-Elect Joe Biden to take office in eight days. 

With US public support for Palestinian rights the highest it has ever been, we have a golden opportunity: Sign our petition to Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris telling them to prioritize Palestinian rights!

Unconditional US support for Israel was a bipartisan endeavor for decades -- but not anymore. Palestinian rights have become a litmus test for how progressive politicians truly are.The 2020 elections showed that advocating for Palestinian rights is a winning strategy for progressive candidates. From Jamaal Bowman, to Cori Bush, to Marie Newman, progressives got elected to Congress in part because they publicly supported Palestinian rights.

This electoral momentum came at the end of a year in which we made unprecedented progress in Congress on Palestinian rights. From generating support for historic legislation to condition weapons to Israel, to strong congressional letters demanding Israel stop demolishing Palestinian homes, your activism and perseverance moved the needle on Capitol Hill. 

But we still have so much work to do in 2021. Home demolitions are happening at a devastating rate. COVID-19 runs rampant in Palestinian communities even while Israel vaccinates settlers living in illegal colonies and shirks its obligations under international law to provide for the health of those living under its military rule. And, of course, Israeli settlements continue to colonize Palestinian land.

Let’s seize the momentum we’ve built over 2020 to meet these challenges this year: Tell Biden/Harris to prioritize Palestinian rights! 

We have the power to change US policy to support freedom, justice, equality, and self-determination for the Palestinian people. Let’s do this! 

In solidarity,

Raed Jarrar
Advocacy Director

PS: Check out our policy memo we sent to the Biden transition team outlining our short- and long-term demands to change US policy in the right direction.

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