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Israel’s annexation of the West Bank remains an imminent threat with disastrous consequences, and our tax dollars are being used every day to subsidize Israel’s human rights violations. Our actions in the upcoming weeks are critical.

Here is something you can do in the next few weeks to help us slam the brakes on the right-wing Trump-Netanyahu annexation plan: Schedule a meeting with your Senators and Representative in August while they are home in your state/district. They urgently need to hear from their constituents. 

We’re here to guide you every step along the way while you set up and carry out these meetings. 

Please click here to download an AMP Advocacy Manual with an A-Z guide on how to identify and contact your elected officials, and how to successfully execute an advocacy meeting with them. It provides all the information you need to know about each of the bills we’re supporting to help convince your elected officials to take a principled stand in opposition to Israeli annexation in defense of Palestinian rights. 

Are you interested in a deeper dive?

1. Read our memo on annexation, and

2. Watch our webinar on annexation.  

Despite the global pandemic crisis, we’ve been building and sustaining pressure on elected officials, and our collective work is paying off. An unprecedented number of members of Congress have taken public positions opposing annexation, and the cozy relationship between the US and Israel is finally being scrutinized in a way it never was before. Conditioning military funding to Israel is finally on the table. 

AMP has been working very hard to get additional support for Senator Van Hollen’s amendment for defunding Israel’s annexation, and AMP supported the strongest congressional letter to date opposing annexation and promising to defund it -- we know we’re doing an amazing job because Fox News is not happy about our achievements! 

For far too long, Israel has gotten away with its crimes-- but the tide is turning. Keep up the pressuredownload the advocacy manual now and schedule an August meeting with your elected officials today!

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