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Rep. McCollum introduces the most comprehensive bill yet to end US support for Israeli occupation

Today we’re writing to you with great news: our champion Representative Betty McCollum (D-MN), has just introduced the most progressive legislation on Palestinian rights ever.

Can you write to your Representative and ask them to co-sponsor the Defending the Human Rights of Palestinian Children and Families Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act?

The bill prohibits the US government from sending our tax dollars to subsidize Israeli violations of Palestinian rights such as annexation, home demolitions, and incarceration of Palestinian children in Israeli military jails.

The bill also would increase the transparency of US weapons given to Israel at US taxpayer expense and lay the groundwork for us to step up our advocacy to hold Israel accountable for its abuses of Palestinian rights. What an important initiative for today, which is usually Tax Day!

This bill is a remarkable achievement for our movement! It’s a combination of past McCollum bills we have supported and so much more. AMP is proud to be listed by Rep. McCollum’s office as an endorser of the bill, alongside an unprecedented range of groups including the Center for Constitutional Rights, Jewish Voice for Peace Action, Defense of Children International- Palestine, J Street, and many more.

Now that the bill has dropped, our nationwide advocacy work begins. We need to convince more Members of Congress to co-sponsor this critical legislation, to send a clear message to the Israeli government that it will be held accountable for its crimes against the Palestinian people. The days of impunity are over.

Please ask your Representative to support the bill today!

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