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Petition: Hajj security company provides support to Israeli occupation

Ask Saudi Arabia to end relationship with global conglomerate G4S

(CHICAGO 10/02/2013) – Saudi Arabia has been contracting with the private security company, G4S, to provide crowd control and maintenance during the Hajj, the pilgrimage undertaken by nearly 3 million Muslims annually.

G4S is complicit in Israel’s international law violations and human rights abuses of Palestinians.

For example, G4S provides “security” to: 

  • Israeli prisons, where more than 5,000 Palestinians, including 200 women and children, are being held as political prisoners in contravention of international law.
  • Jewish settlement colonies in the West Bank, which are illegal and built on stolen Palestinian land. 
  • Interrogation and detention centers, where human rights groups have documented cases of abuse and torture.

AMP, working in coordination with the Boycott National Committee in Palestine and Friends of Al Aqsa in the UK, is asking Saudi Arabia to end its relationship with G4S. We feel that a company, which participates in Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian people, has no place in the Hajj. 

The effort in the US is supported also by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA); Muslim American Society - Public Affairs and Civic Engagement (MAS-PACE); the Shura Council of Southern California; and the United States Palestine Solidarity Network (USPCN).

Ask Saudi Arabia to end its relationship with G4S.

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