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Help us get humanitarian aid to Syrian civilians

 Newest UNRWA #LetUsThrough campaign geared towardPalestnians in Yarmouk camp and other civilians

Sign the Thunderclap campaign #LetUsThrough. 

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Help us reach 23 million people and get the campaign on the Jumbotron in NYC's Times Square!

The American Muslims for Palestine has joined with a global humanitarian community to release a joint “Thunderclap” statement demanding “immediate, secure, substantial and permanent humanitarian access for all civilians in Syria, including countless children. The statement, which comes a week after the UN was last able to deliver food to Yarmouk camp in Damascus. The effort is signed by 130 organisations, including major United Nations agencies and International Non Governmental organizations along with smaller, grassroots groups with deep reach into local communities.

The statement urges “all parties on the ground to listen to the voice of the international community as expressed unanimously through the Security Council and to act now to halt the march of death, injury, hunger and suffering.” It makes a call to world leaders on the third anniversary of the start of the conflict; “Don't let the people in Syria, children and families, lose another year to bloodshed and suffering, violating the most fundamental laws of war.”

Sign the campaign and send it to your lists today!

Explaining the campaign, UNRWA Spokesperson, Chris Gunness said, “This is part of a Thunderclap social media campaign which aims to reach 23 million people with the hashtag “LetUsThrough. The “Thunderclap” itself will be at noon Yarmouk time on March 18, when a tweet with our campaign hashtag will be released to millions of people who will have signed up for the campaign. Anyone can join the campaign, individuals and organizations.

Once we reach 23 million, the iconic campaign image  of thousands of civilians waiting for food in Yarmouk Camp will appear on the world famous electronic billboard in New York’s Times Square, sending a powerful signal to the global diplomatic community in UN Headquarters nearby.”

Gunness added, “ We will then photograph the image in Times Square and tweet it back to the 23 million who supported the campaign, including the people of Syria. So it is a campaign bringing together humanitarians all round the world, sending a powerful diplomatic message but also sending a signal of solidarity with all civilians in Syria, who have suffered enough because of this pitiless conflict. We also hope that diplomats at the UN and members of the public will take “selfies” with the image as a backdrop and send them round the world as an act of solidarity.”

“LetUsThrough is part of a wider initiative #WithSyria launched to mark the third anniversary of the start of the conflict in Syria. Organisations and individuals wishing to join the campaign can do so at Thunderclap.


On the third anniversary of Syria’s pitiless conflict, we demand immediate, secure, substantial and permanent humanitarian access for all civilians, including countless children, in Syria. In the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus, the parties have shown they can come together in ways that facilitate the work of humanitarian organisations. We urge all parties on the ground to listen to the voice of the international community as expressed unanimously through the Security Council and to act now to halt the march of death, injury, hunger and suffering. We say to our leaders: don't let the people in Syria, children and families, lose another year to bloodshed and suffering, violating the most fundamental laws of war. We must stand #WithSyria. We say as one #LetUsThrough

1. A Heart for Syria Association, Canada


2. Action Aid

3. Agencia Andaluza de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo, Spain

4. Agência da ONU de Assistência aos Refugiados da Palestina, Brazil

5. Agencia Extremeña de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo, Spain

6. Agenda 21 del Islam, Spain

7. Alianza por la Solidaridad, Spain

8. American Friends of UNRWA, USA

9. American Friends Service Committee

10. American Muslims for Palestine

11. American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA)

12. Amnesty International

13. Arab American Community Coalition

14. Arab American Institute (AAI)

15. Asamblea de Cooperación por la Paz - ACPP, Spain

16. Asociación Acción Verapaz, Spain

17. Asociación Comisión Católica Española de Migración – ACCEM, Spain

18. Asociación Cultural Said Nurse, Spain

19. Asociación de la Comunidad Hispano-palestina “Jerusalén”, Spain

20. Asociación Europea de Cooperación con Palestina - ASECOP, Spain

21. Asociación Galaico Arabe – Jenin, Spain

22. Asociación Guanaminos sin Fronteras, Spain

23. Asociación IBN BATUTA, Spain

24. Asociación Madrileña AMAL, Spain

25. Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos de Andalucía, Spain

26. Asociación XXI Solidario, Spain

27. Asociación Zarabanda, Spain

28. Aula de Solidaridad de Rivas, Spain

29. Australia Palestine Advocacy Network

30. Australia Palestine Professionals Association

31. Australian Lawyers for Human Rights Inc

32. Australians for Palestine

33. Bab al Shams Village Council, Palestine

34. Broederlijk Delen, Belgium

35. Brazilian Arab Palestine Federation

36. Brazilian Committee for the State of Palestine

37. Centre for Global Education, Belfast

38. Centro Euro Arabe de Cataluña, Spain

39. Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado - CEAR, Spain

40. Comité de Arbitraje Musulmán, Spain

41. Comité Defensa del Islam, Spain

42. Comunidad Palestina de Valencia, Spain

43. Consejo de Imanes y Predicadores de España, Spain

44. Council for Arab-British Understanding

45. Diakonia

46. Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN)

47. Federación de Asociaciones Medicus Mundi, Spain

48. Federación de Comunidades Musulmanas de Castilla La Mancha – FECOM, Spain

49. Fondazione Terre des Hommes, Italy

50. Foro de Cristianos Gaspar García Laviana, Spain

51. Friends Committee on National Legislation (Quakers)

52. Friends of Palestine Western Australia

53. Foundation for Middle East Peace (FMEP)

54. Fundación Infancia Solidaria, Spain

55. Fundación Cultura de Paz - CEIPAZ, Spain

56. Fundación Las Fuentes, Spain

57. General Union of Palestinian Communities in Europe

58. Health Work Committees, Palestine

59. Hope and Play UK

60. Human Rights Watch

61. Humanistic Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries, (HIVOS)

62. IMED Instituto per il Mediterraneo

63. Impact Lab (UK)

64. Institute for Palestine Studies, USA

65. Instituto da Cultura Árabe (Arab Culture Institute), Brazil

66. Instituto Español de Estudios Islámicos, Spain

67. Instituto Halal, Spain

68. International Federation for Human Rights

69. International Rescue Committee

70. Islamic Relief UK

71. Islamic Relief USA

72. Islamic Relief Worldwide

73. Italian Friends of UNRWA

74. Jahalin Association

75. Johanniter International Assistance

76. Junta Islámica, Spain

77. Justice for Palestine Matters, Sydney, Australia

78. Leichhardt Friends of Hebron, Australia

79. Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine

80. Movimiento por la Paz, El Desarme y la Libertad- MPDL, Spain

81. Mujeres en Zona de Conflicto – MZC, Spain

82. Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)

83. Najda Now International

84. Nexus Emilia Romagna, Italy

85. Norwegian Church Aid (Norwegian)

86. Norwegian People´s Aid

87. Norwegian Refugee Council

88. ONG Rescate Internacional, Spain

89. Office of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict

90. Organización Española Al-Ikhlas, Spain

91. Oxfam

92. Palestinian Christian Alliance for Peace

93. PAX

94. Pax Christi Flanders

95. Pax Christi International

96. Pax Christi USA

97. PIEN (the Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network), Australia

98. RedR, UK

99. Reel Arts, Scotland

100.Refugees International

101.RESPECT Refugiados, Spain

102.Salaam Cultural Museum

103.Save the Children

104.SODEPAZ, Spain

105.SOS Children's Villages International

106.The Asfari Foundation

107.The International Forum for Peace and Reconciliation in the Middle East

108.The Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine, Sydney.

109.The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC).

110.The United Nations Association, UK

111.The United Nations Office of High Commissioner For Human Rights

112.The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

113.The United Nations Offices for Project Services, UNOPS

114.The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA

115.UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund

116.United Nations Information Centre, Islamabad

117.United Nations Information Centre, Jakarta

118.United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

119.United Nations Regional Information Centre (UNRIC)

120.United Palestinian Appeal (UPA)

121.UNRWA, Italia

122.War-Toys Project

123.Washington Interfaith Alliance for Middle East Peace

124.Welfare Association (@WAssociationUK)

125.Women Federation for World Peace, Spain

126.World Alliance for Citizen Participation

127.World Food Programme

128.World Health Organisation

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