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Get the DNC, RNC platforms to support Palestinian rights

AMP, JVP Action team up for #PlatformforPalestine  

Once every four years, the Democratic and Republican Parties adopt a platform that guides the policy-making of their elected officials for that period. This platform always includes a plank on Palestinian-Israeli affairs. 

I’ll cut right to the chase. Be one of the first petition signers on our new website platformforpalestine.orga joint campaign with Jewish Voice for Peace Action, to make sure that the parties know that we want Palestinian rights in their platforms this year. 

We’ve launched this website with an ambitious goal of delivering 10,000 signatures to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Republican National Committee (RNC) by Wednesday, July 15.

Our petition is a straightforward statement of principles. Israel’s separate-and-unequal rule over the Palestinian people denies them their rights. Our political parties should support Palestinian freedom, justice, and equality by backing an end to Israeli occupation, the right of refugees to return, and equal rights for Palestinian citizens of Israel. And the US should end its funding for and complicity in Israel’s systematic denial of Palestinian rights.

If you agree, then please sign our petition right now.  

In addition to signing the petition, here are three things you can do today:

Help us get the word out far and wide about this campaign. We need to raise $5,000 today to reach one million social media users. Make your tax-deductible contribution right here.

You can also help us get petition signers by retweeting our message hereand sharing these posts to your Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #PlatformforPalestine.

We’re launching this campaign with JVP Action. Would your organization like to endorse the petition as well? If so, please let us know.

We need you to take action today because the parties only recently announced a very short time frame for determining their platforms because of COVID-19. 

That means we need to do everything in our power right now to take advantage of this opportunity to impact the DNC and the RNC before they finalize their positions for the next four years. 

Thank you for taking action!

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