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A Genocide in the Making – Take Action for Syria now

What do we do when we are witnessing what one official called, “A meltdown of humanity?”

After more than five years, the world is finally taking note of the war crimes committed by the regime of Bashar Al-Assad and that now also are carried out by Iran and Russia. Now, after more than 400,000 deaths, the world expresses its outrage at the brutality and barbaric conditions under which Syrians in Aleppo are living and dying. 

For days now, as Russian bombardment continues and Assad forces move into the besieged city, we’re hearing the farewell messages from our brothers and sisters with nowhere to go and no end in sight to their suffering. 

Social media is full of reports of mass detentions, mass executions, and forced conscriptions into Assad’s forces.  We are witnessing a genocide in the making as mothers and children, young and old women, men and boys, doctors, and aid workers are systematically executed. 

The American Muslims for Palestine stands wholly with our Syrian brothers and sisters and decries the deplorable and inhumane conditions.

However, AMP asserts that now is not the time to sit by idly, wringing our hands and crying.  We must take action or else be complicit in this modern-day atrocity.

All people have the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These are inalienable rights, which are also enshrined in international law and international humanitarian law. Please find a way to support Syria. No effort is too small. May Allah forgive us all and guide us all to create a more just and compassionate world. 

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