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Breaking News: Significant bill introduced in Congress today

Historic action by Rep. McCollum needs your support

(Photo: AMP meeting with Rep. McCollum in March 2018)

Congresswoman Betty McCollum (D-MN) -- who will be our keynote speaker for Palestine Advocacy Days next month --  just introduced a bill that prohibits the US government from recognizing or funding Israel’s potential annexation of Palestinian land.

AMP is proud to have worked closely with the Congresswoman’s office on the rollout of this bill, and now we need your help to generate as much Congressional support as possible.

Can you contact your member of Congress and ask them to support this historic bill?

Yesterday’s announcement that Israel is “suspending” annexation plans is exactly why we should support Rep. McCollum’s historic bill. As we noted yesterday, immense push back, including by the US Congress, is what stopped Israel's impending war crime for now. It's time to keep up the pressure!

This important bill says that: 

  • Israel’s potential annexation is a flagrant violation of international law and a prohibited act of aggression under Article 2(4) of the UN Charter;
  • The US government should support and promote equality, human rights, and dignity for both Palestinians and Israelis;
  • The US government should reject and refuse to recognize any undemocratic system or act of aggression in which Israel unilaterally exercises permanent rule over a Palestinian people denied self-determination and human rights; and
  • The bill conditions US military funding to Israel by forbidding any funding from being used to deploy personnel, lethal materials, equipment, and more in Palestinian areas annexed by Israel.

We can’t overstate how important this bill is. It truly is a testament to the political power of the movement for Palestinian rights, of which you and AMP are important parts. Just a few years ago, this sort of legislation in the US was just a dream. But together, through relentless and sustained pressure on every level of government, we’ve created a political climate in which elected officials are willing to defend Palestinian rights. 

Please take a minute now to contact your Representative.

After you contact your member of Congress, please sign up to join our Palestine Advocacy Day next month -- let’s keep the momentum going! Let’s make sure that our own government will not recognize and subsidize Israel’s war crimes! 

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