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(CHICAGO 10/30/2014) – Since 1967, Al Aqsa, Islam’s third holiest site, has been threatened by Israeli imperialist and apartheid policies. But since last summer, a rise in the ultra-right, extremist Temple Movement, has resulted in frequent incursions of racist Jewish settlers, protected by Israeli Occupation Forces, into the mosque sanctuary.

Now, Israel has completely closed off Al Aqsa and its surroundings. This is extremely troubling, given the effort by many in the Knesset to partition Al Aqsa in the same manner as the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron, where Palestinians are prohibited from two-thirds of their mosque, which only Jews now can enter. There is also a new bill in the Knesset to ban the Adhan, or Muslim call to prayer.

International laws guarantee freedom of religion worldwide. Even American law mandates the US government must hold accountable foreign governments that “engage in or tolerate ‘particularly severe’ violations of religious freedom.” 

The American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) asserts it is time we hold Israel to the same standards as the rest of the world.


1. Attend one of AMP’s upcoming sessions on Al Aqsa and the Judaization of Jerusalem. 

2. Register for AMP’s 7th annual Conference for Palestine in the US: Gaza Teaches Life!, where you will learn how you can help Gaza and Al Aqsa. Register by Sunday for 40% OFF!

3. Join in today’s Social Media campaign and Tweet for Aqsa. Post pictures of yourself with the hashtag #SaveAlAqsa and take to Twitter from 3-4 p.m. CDT to spread the word!


AMP condemns closure of Al Aqsa #SaveAlAqsa

Religious freedom is a right enshrined in law @JohnKerry #SaveAlAqsa

Tell Israel to abide by international law and open Aqsa @StateDept #SaveAlAqsa

4. Call the US State Department at  202.647.5291, then press ‘1’.


a. We must hold Israel to the same religious freedom standards as we do other countries

b. We must withhold US aid until Israel complies with international law

c. US support for Israel hurts our standing worldwide and threatens our national security. 

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