Action alert

Action Alert!

Take To Twitter Sunday  to help AMP alert media, public to new ad campaign

The American Muslims for Palestine is launching a new outdoor advertising campaign in Washington DC on Monday, March 17.

The ad coincides with the capital’s beloved Cherry Blossom Festival, which also starts Monday. The ad will appear on Metro buses that run along the festival’s route. Millions of people visit the Washington DC during the festival each year.

“AMP’s mission is to educate the public about Palestine and to raise awareness about the occupation,” said Kristin Szremski, AMP’s director of media and communications. “That’s why we chose to run this ad during this popular festival so we could maximize the number of people who will see it.”

Join AMP in a Twitter campaign at 9 p.m. Central Time on Sunday, March 16.

 Use hashtags:
#Don’tSweatIt and #NoAidToIsrael

Target media outlets:
@AP, @nbcwashington, @ABC7News @wusa9, @ABC7GMW, @PRNews, @WashPostDC, @HuffPostPol, @PostScottWilson, @Reuters, @ReutersBiz @nprnews, @NPRWeekend, @nprpolitics, @thehill, @thedailybeast, @TheDailyShow,

Sample Tweets:

Paying for Israel’s occupation goes against our values #Don’tSweatIt #NoAidToIsrael

Don’t pay for Israel’s occupation #Don’tSweatIt #NoAidToIsrael

$3 Billion to Israel could pay for American schools

This Tax Day, say NO to Israel’s Occupation. #Don’tSweatIt

Cherry blossoms are sweet but occupation stinks. #NoAidToIsrael

Forward this to your networks and join us Sunday, 9 p.m. Central Time! Help us make lots of noise to raise awareness of US aid to Israel and how it funds the occupation!

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