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5 ways you can respond to escalating situation in Palestine


(WASHINGTON DC 10/14/2014) – The American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), a national education and advocacy organization, views with great concern the escalating situation in Palestine and calls on our supporters and people of conscience to take action immediately.

AMP asserts the Israeli occupation of Palestine is at the root of all violence and bloodshed and we call upon President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry to hold Israel accountable for its flagrant violations of international laws. We also demand Israel be held accountable for violating the US Arms Export Control Act, which prohibits the use of American weapons or weaponry purchased with American money to be used against civilians. 

Recently, Israeli Prime Minister gave permission to use with impunity live ammunition against Palestinians suspected of throwing stones; and as a result Israeli forces and settlers have killed at least 24 people, including eight children under 18 since Oct. 1. While Israeli violence against Palestinians is a constant factor of daily life, the heightened use of deadly force is being employed to provoke unrest in advance of possible Israeli policies to divide Al Aqsa mosque. 

Israeli officials have provoked the recent violence by threatening to alter the status quo status of Al Aqsa mosque and we ask the White House and State Department to demand Israel retreat from its apartheid plans and allow Palestinians to live and worship on their land freely. 



There are several ways you can help.

email symbolSend an email to President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry asking them to hold Israel accountable for its violence and to ensure the protection of the Al Aqsa mosque sanctuary 

quillWrite a letter to the editor of your newspaper. 
al aqsa program mosque foundationAttend an AMP event: Al Aqsa under Threat near you. 
njrally.goodcrowdshotOrganize a rally or protest in front of the Israeli consulate in your area.

What about Jerusalem Page 01Download our Al Aqsa Fact Sheet and the What About Jerusalem Power Point and hold your own educational event. 


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