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March 29, 2017

Issa Amro is an internationally recognized Human Rights Defender from the city of Hebron in the Occupied West Bank. He is currently facing 18 charges in Israeli military court. The charges include such things as organizing an “illegal demonstration” in August 2010, allegedly spitting in the direction of a settler in 2012, insulting a soldier in March 2013, and entering a “closed military zone” in February 2016. Several of the charges against Mr. Amro had previously been investigated and dismissed.

On March 26, 2017 Mr. Amro had another court date in Ofer military court where the indictment was read. His next court date will be June 27, 2017 where the first nine of the 38 witnesses against him will testify.

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Call your elected officials and ask them to pressure the State Department to help Issa Amro.

You can find your officials' contact info here

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Talking Points

The European Union and the United Nations have declared Issa Amro as a Human Rights Defender.

Issa Amro has been the guest of the U.S. State Department in its International Vision Leadership Program.

Israel is trying to stop Issa's peaceful activism by recycling years' old charges. 

Please ask the US Department of State Department to release a statement that Mr. Amro’s case appears to be one of Israel engaging in political persecution against a Human Rights Defender and Israel should immediately drop the charges against Mr. Amro. 

Please ask the US State Department to have a US official attend each of Mr. Amro’s court dates to provide support for him and in order to help ensure a fair trial as Mr. Amro faces these unfair charges.