[AMP-Dallas] Take Action: Call on Rep. Veasey to Support Palestinian Human Rights

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November 26, 2019
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(DALLAS, TX 11/26/19)—The Dallas Chapter of American Muslims for Palestine stands in solidarity with the people of Gaza, dozens of whom—including many women and children—were recently killed by indiscriminate Israeli airstrikes. As Texans residing in the 33rd congressional district, we are extremely disturbed by biased and misleading statements that Rep. Marc Veasey made on November 13 in favor of the Israeli narrative. What Rep. Veasey has failed to mention is that Israel’s leaders violated a truce for political expediency and have inflicted terror on caged Palestinians living in the world’s largest open-air prison. Marc Veasey

The recent assault on Gaza that began on November 14, 2019, was instigated by an Israeli military operation that escalated to an attack on Palestinian civilians in Gaza. For more than 12 years, Gaza and its people have been subjected to an illegal blockade—preventing the movement of both goods and people—giving Palestinians there nowhere to flee when Israel begins its raid. Israel’s latest attack has so far resulted in the deaths of 34 Palestinian men, women, and children and wounded 111 people. Among those dead was an entire family of nine, including a 14-month child, that was mercilessly and intentionally bombed despite the military knowing that there was no person of interest in their building. 

Rep. Veasey cites the number of rockets targeting Israel while blatantly ignoring the number of missiles that Israel has repeatedly dropped over Gaza's civilian population. During Israel's 2014 assault on Gaza, experts estimated that Israel had dropped between eighteen to twenty thousand tons of explosives, roughly equivalent to one of the atomic bombs the United States dropped on Japan in August 1945.

We expect our representatives to be informed before taking biased positions that further dehumanize Palestinians and support the inhuman actions of the Israeli military. We dare Congressman Veasey to watch the videos of the impacted family members that are grieving the loss of their loved ones, including a young girl who lost her mother and two brothers as a result of these recent Israeli airstrikes.

Once again, the blind support of our elected officials leads us to ask how far will U.S. politicians and the media allow Israel to go in its ruthless aggression against Palestinians by quickly justifying it as “self-defense” before they finally draw a line in the sand?

Call Rep. Veasey at his district office at (214) 741-1387 to demand that he condemn Israel's indiscriminate bombing that led to the decimation of an entire family of nine. Let Rep. Veasey know that Democrats do not support his blind support for Israel and that it is no longer sufficient to be "Progressive Except for Palestine."