Staff and National Board

AMP Staff

AMP Director of Media and Communications

Kristin Szremski is the current director of media and communications for the American Muslims for Palestine, a national education and advocacy organization. She is an award-winning journalist, spending more than 20 years as an investigative reporter and editor. She's been published nationally and internationally in outlets such as the Chicago Tribune, Al Jazeera English, Zycie Warszawa, Poland's national newspaper of record, the San Francisco Examiner, and online at the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and others.

In 2010, CNN International featured Ms. Szremski in a series of videos about how Muslims celebrate Ramadan. Several of her own CNN iReports have been broadcast on CNN. In 2014, the Huffington Post featured Ms. Szremski's Hajj journey. And in April 2015, the Huffington Post animated her experience as an American Muslims woman for a video project called "Muslim in America."

Ms. Szremski is a member of several professional associations, including the National Press Club, Investigative Reporters and Editors and the Association of Women Journalists.

Her Twitter handle is @kristin_scribe and her blog is

Associate Director of Outreach & Grassroots Organizing

Taher Herzallah is the Associate Director of Outreach & Grassroots Organizing for the American Muslims for Palestine. In this capacity, Mr. Herzallah acts as a liaison between campus activism groups on campuses across the country. He helps these groups procure grants, materials and speakers. He also is instrumental in helping students set up programs and activities.

Mr. Herzallah also coordinates AMP's grassroots organizing and helps facilitate national coalition building. He also is working to develop AMP chapters across the country.  

Mr. Herzallah is also one of the 'Irvine 11," a group of students who were arrested and prosecuted for expressing their constitutionally protected rights of free speech and political dissent when they walked out of a speech given by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren at UC Irvine in 2010. 

AMP Operations Manager

Mrs. Amira Daoud is the operations manager for the American Muslims for Palestine.

AMP National Board

Sufyan Nabhan
Salah Sarsour
Munjed Ahmad, Vice Chairman
Dr. Hatem Bazian, Chairman
Mamon Hussein
Yousuf Shahin
Sana Daoud
Hussein Al-Khatib
Abdel-Ilah Nofal
Dr. Osama Abuirshaid, National Policy Director
Shakeel Sayed