Muslim American Society (MAS) Helping Activists Keep up the Momentum

Our mission has an unbreakable connection to the pursuit of truth and justice. Despite confronting the tragedies in Gaza, we may disappoint ourselves if we fail to sustain the degree of devotion we hoped to provide. We begin resolved to put an end to such injustice and go headfirst into action, without pausing for fear of not doing enough. 

Every waking moment is dedicated to the cause, even if it means foregoing schools, careers, and families, as well as a proper supper and a good night's rest. However, after a few setbacks, we start to come apart, worn to the bone. The shame of not doing enough creeps in, yet no matter how hard we try, we can't get ourselves together. We are concerned that our lost momentum will make the journey longer and the duties more difficult for everyone participating in the endeavour, not just us as individuals.

In this article, we explore some of the key approaches in the Islamic framework mentioned by MAS to aid in maintaining momentum, including changing our mindset, planning and preparation, fortifying our hearts, keeping ourselves in the company of Allah and those who work sincerely for His Sake, and balancing our many obligations. 



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MAS Points Out Signs You May Be Losing Momentum and How To Avoid That

Feeling burdened by responsibilities and tempted to drop out of activities.

  • Lessening worship, including prayers, reading the Quran, and basic acts of worship.
  • Shift in life events, such as job changes, marriages, or disagreements, affecting commitment to Islamic work.
  • Cynicism towards community and good causes, leading to a lack of effectiveness and leadership.
  • Increased time-wasting and purposeless preoccupations, shifting from volunteering to work and learning.
  • Desensitization to news, sufferings, and injustice, making it less impactful.

While all these feelings are normal, there are ways how to avoid them and keep going. We will list some of them below. 

  • Adjust Your Mindset
  • Recalibrate and clarify your purpose
  • Understand the comprehensive nature of Islam
  • Think big picture
  • Plan ahead
  • Prepare for challenges that might come
  • Nurture Your Spirit
  • Be mindful in prayer and recitation
  • Join gatherings in remembrance of Allah 
  • Keep it Balanced

This and many more valid points were mentioned by MAS

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