IslamiCity: Ramadan Resources

IslamiCity offers a variety of services to help Muslims improve their faith and get closer to Allah. They have curated over 20 special Duas to make the most of Ramadan, teaching kids to remember Allah and respond politely and respectfully. The app also provides prayer times worldwide, a Quran search tool, a Quran Reader, and kids-friendly apps to learn about Islam and build confidence.

The IslamiCity app provides an intuitive interface with all the features of IslamiCity at your fingertips. The quiz game is an engaging challenge for Muslims to test their skills. The AI-powered search engine helps users find answers to questions about Islam and Muslims.

In addition to the Duas, IslamiCity also features a quiz game to help users score and answer questions about Islam and Muslims. The extensive database of Duas is available to help users find the Duas they need to get closer to Allah. Overall, IslamiCity provides a comprehensive resource for Muslims to enhance their faith and connect with Allah.


IslamiCity Ramadan: Recipes, Duas, Printable Ramadan Prayer times and more

IslamiCity offers a variety of Ramadan recipes and Duas to celebrate the cultural diversity of Muslims worldwide. These recipes, including those used by the Prophet (PBUH), aim to improve faith and bring closer to Allah (SWT). With over 20 special Duas curated for this month, Muslims can make sincere and respectful Duas. 

For kids, IslamiCity has selected over 20 Duas that teach them to remember Allah (SWT) and respond politely and respectfully. The platform also offers Prayer Times, Quran Search, Quran Reader, and Kids Apps to help them learn about Islam and build a confident Muslim. The platform also provides a free and free Ads service, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all users.

Supporting Palestine: Unity in Prayer and Action with AMP

As the sacred month of Ramadan is coming we will keep our brothers and sisters in Palestine who are facing genocide from the Israeli Forces in our prayers.

American Muslims for Palestine was, is and will be actively advocating for Palestine! We recently created a website AMP's Boycott Guide

Learn more about that on the links below:

Focused Targets

Date Boycott Campaign

Further Resources

Keep up with American Muslims for Palestine for more insightful topics!