The U.S. Still Needs to Demand a Permanent Ceasefire


This morning, the UN Security Council passed resolution 2728 requiring an immediate ceasefire in Gaza for the month of Ramadan, the release of all Israeli hostages, and the expansion of the flow of humanitarian aid to Gaza. This resolution marks the first successful attempt at achieving a ceasefire at the Security Council after three previous U.S. vetoes of resolutions calling for a ceasefire.

While this is a step in the right direction, a U.S. abstention does not show the moral leadership that is gravely overdue to permanently end the ongoing genocide. It’s also critical to note that the United States watered down the resolution by demanding the removal of the phrase “permanent ceasefire,” and conditioned the ceasefire and entry of humanitarian aid–required already by international law–on release of Israeli hostages. Effectively, the U.S. pardoned the forced famine of a million Palestinians and shielded Israel from accountability for attacking and obstructing aid shipments and kidnapping thousands of Palestinians with no charge. Over 32,000 lives have been taken by the ongoing genocide and the Administration continues to fund, arm, and enable Israel’s massacre. A sane world cannot demand a temporary pause to a genocide, instead; Israel must permanently end the killing of Palestinians and the U.S. must impose a lasting ceasefire.

Following the UN Security Council resolution the United States Congress and President Biden must rescind their decision to defund UNRWA and resume funding to the vital UN agency that has remained one of Gaza’s last remaining lifelines with the infrastructure to effectively deliver aid.

Finally, following the UN Security Council’s vote, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said on X that his country would not abide by the resolution. Therefore, we call on President Biden to enforce international law and impose consequences on Israel for its defiance of the UN Security Council. Accountability is essential to ensure compliance with international law and to prevent further disregard for human rights and humanitarian principles, Israel must abide by the UN Security Council’s resolution or face consequences.

In solidarity,
American Muslims for Palestine (AMP)