Israel Intensifies Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians in Annual Ramadan Escalation



Since the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan (April 1st, 2022), more than 17 Palestinians have been brutally murdered, dozens injured, and over 200 have been arrested. In the last 24 hours alone, Israel continued its 5-day raid across the West Bank, murdering 6 Palestinians and wounding 18 others.



Simply put, Apartheid Israel is engaging in serial slaughter of Palestinians during the holy month. In what’s become an annual Ramadan tradition, Israel escalates its colonial violence to assert its dominance over every facet of Palestinian life, including taking Palestinian life at will without recourse or accountability. 

Last Ramadan, it was Gaza, Shaikh Jarrah, and Al Aqsa Mosque in the crosshairs of the Apartheid state. This year, all of historic Palestine is under attack. This Ramadan is particularly difficult for Gaza as it suffers from a decade and a half of siege and continues to reel in the wake of Israel’s brutal assault last summer. What was made clear last summer is that Gaza will suffer exponentially for anything that happens in other parts of Palestine. Recent calls from extremist Jewish groups to sacrifice animals in the Aqsa Mosque during Passover will only act to instigate tensions further. 

On the precipice of what can ultimately be the beginning of another Intifada fueled by Israeli aggression, AMP reiterates its calls for the US to shift gears and unabashedly affirm its stance against egregious human rights abuses, most especially now as Palestinians are murdered senselessly. 

We call on the US to end its hypocrisy, call out Israeli war crimes and restrain it from its destructive policies rather than act as its apologist and continue to be its enabler despite its very obvious apartheid practices. 

During these blessed nights of Ramadan, make sure you make a Zakat-eligible contribution to help support AMP’s efforts in uplifting Palestinian human rights and working to hold #ApartheidIsrael accountable.