AMP condemns Israeli "terror" designation of Palestinian human rights groups


The Ministry of Israeli Defense designated six Palestinian civil society organizations "terrorist organizations."

"The Israeli government continues to attack Palestinian human rights and civil society groups who are exposing Israel’s apartheid regime to the rest of the world and particularly groups who are making an impact at the United Nations and US Congress,” said Ayah Ziyadeh, Advocacy Director of American Muslims for Palestine (AMP). “The Biden Administration and Congress can no longer enable the injustices committed by the state of Israel and must openly and firmly condemn this designation by the Israeli government.”

The organizations that have been listed consist of the following:

American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) believes this designation is not only an unjust misrepresentation of civil society organizations, but an intentional effort to attack, undermine, and censor the work for Palestinian human rights. 

This heinous attack on Palestinian advocacy organizations stems from the refusal of the international community to impose serious consequences for Israel’s crimes for decades, enabling and emboldening the Israeli government. 

Support these vital Palestinian human rights organizations on social media by sharing the following statements in response to Israel's attacks, and expose Israel’s brutal apartheid regime: 

  1. DCIP Statement on Israeli Authorities’ Designation of DCIP as a “Terrorist Organization”
  2. Amnesty International & Human Rights Watch statement: Designation of Palestinian civil society groups as terrorists a brazen attack on human rights
  3. Adalah Legal Center statement of support for Palestinian human rights and civil society organizations
  4. B’Tselem statement in solidarity with Palestinian human rights organizations