75 Years of the Nakba has proven one thing, Palestinians will prevail


Today, we commemorate seventy-five years of the Nakba, or catastrophe, when Zionist forces massacred Palestinian civilians, wiped out over 500 Palestinian towns and villages, and ethnically cleansed more than 750,000 Palestinians to establish the state of Israel. 75 years ago, 75 percent of the Palestinian population was violently expelled from their homeland. As it stands, Palestinians are the longest-standing displaced population in modern history, and the largest stateless community in the world. 

We commemorate this tragedy while many of our elected officials are busy celebrating and congratulating Israel on 75 years of existence on the rubble of Palestinian society, where they thrive at the expense of the indigenous population of Palestine. They do so, although Israel’s government continues to steal Palestinian land, forcibly displace Palestinians from their homes, and kill, maim, and imprison Palestinians, entrenching its regime of illegal occupation and apartheid.

Seventy-five years of injustice have not stopped the U.S. government from providing unconditional military funding to Israel and unconditional diplomatic protection for Israel’s crimes against Palestinians.

But the winds of change are slowly blowing. Every day, more and more Americans become aware of the colossal injustice imposed on Palestinians and America’s role in sustaining that injustice. Every day, more Americans are raising their voices in opposition to U.S. support for Israeli apartheid and settler-colonialism. From the streets of major American cities and media outlets to Capitol Hill, voices demanding freedom for Palestinians and ending U.S. double standards on support for democracy and human rights are getting louder.

Seventy-five years of injustice, oppression, and displacement is far too long. However much longer it takes, we are committed to seeing this fight for justice to the end. We will not grow weary or silent so long as Palestinians continue to endure Israeli apartheid. Just as Palestinians in the homeland have proven their steadfastness in fighting for their liberation, we will continue to educate, organize and advocate until Palestinians can return to their lands and live in freedom and dignity. We vow to continue until Palestine is free.