Palestine in a Nutshell releases its 2nd episode


AMP released the second episode of its new education series "Palestine in a Nutshell" as part of its ongoing educational efforts. The episode, titled "Home Demolitions: Politics of Dispossession," explains the illegal nature and effect of Israel’s policy of home demolition in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

The military regime in the West Bank has negatively impacted the daily lives of Palestinians, the draconian home demolition policy is one example. Imagine living in a home that you built, just to have it destroyed because of who you are? No American would accept those living conditions, and we shouldn’t accept it for Palestinians.

Last month, AMP launched "Palestine in a Nutshell" as a new education series dedicated to providing a succinct overview of Israel’s apartheid regime in all of its facets, and the daily oppression, dehumanization, and denationalization that Palestinians experience. Each episode will provide you with requisite information on a particular topic, and will range from history, politics, current events, concepts, etc…

You can watch and learn more on this topic in our Education section of AMP's website here.