"Palestine in Nutshell" is back in Season 2


We are excited to announce the relaunch of our educational series “Palestine in a Nutshell - Season 2” with a fresh new style. We appreciate the feedback on Season 1, and we decided on a new style that will galvanize more robust engagement on various topics.

Therefore, each topic will feature 2 versions - a short, compact one for Instagram and Facebook, and a more detailed, thorough version on YouTube. You can also find the full essay with citations on our website

Our new “Palestine in a Nutshell” series is designed to provide easily accessible and discernible information on specific issues relating to Palestinian rights, history, politics, and a host of other matters in the Palestinian struggle for liberation. 

This episode focuses on the role of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Palestine’s relationship with the court, and Israeli accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Palestinian rights should no longer be an exception in our accountability discourse. The episode also highlights the hypocrisy of the US position on the ICC, and Israel’s attempt to hide from accountability. As Americans who believe in democracy and equality, we must demand universal accountability, and Israel is no exception.