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Urge Keith Ellison to withdraw from Rabin memorial event

AMP sent an open letter to Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison urging him to withdraw from the virtual memorial for Yitzhak Rabin on October 20th, hosted by America for Peace Now. 

Rabin was a war criminal, who was primarily responsible for Operation “Dani”, the largest ethnic cleansing operation during the height of the Nakba (catastrophe) in July 1948. Operation Dani resulted in the expulsion of an estimated 70,000 Palestinian inhabitants, accounting for 10% of the entire Palestinian exodus from 1947-1949.

Rabin won the election for Prime Minister in 1992 by running on a platform that established the physical and demographic separation of Israelis from Palestinians, which eventually resulted in the building of the apartheid wall along the West Bank. During the first intifada, as Minister of Defense, Rabin called for the “breaking of bones” of protestors as a method of riot control. He was staunchly opposed to the idea of a Palestinian state and called for Israel’s complete control of “its capital” Jerusalem. 

Just recently, AOC withdrew from this event after pressure from Palestine advocates, demonstrating the Palestinian rights movement’s growing influence in U.S. politics. We must continue to hold our elected officials accountable for their passive or active support for war criminals like Yitzhak Rabin. 

Take action NOW, by calling his office at (800) 657-3787 and retweeting AMP’s call urging him to withdraw from the event. 

Thank you for taking action for Palestine!

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