AMP Condemns Israeli Assault on Gaza

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November 14, 2012
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Call your representative to demand an immediate halt of aggression on Gaza.

(PALOS HILLS, IL 11/14/2012) – AMP condemns the recent attacks on Gaza which claims, so far, at least 7 deaths including an eleven-month-old infant a six-year-old child in addition to dozens of injuries including many children. AMP calls for an immediate halt of the attacks.

AMP believes that the occupation leaders are using Palestinian blood for election purposes. Each time the political climate in Israel reaches a dead end Israeli officials attack Palestinians for political gain in hopes of swaying the Israeli voter.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was unhappy with the outcome of the election in the US as he clearly and openly supported Governor Mitt Romney in the last election. As such, this recent assault attempts to cause disturbances for the Obama administration after the recent elections.

“All of these actions prove Israel does not want peace, and furthermore, is intent on causing instability, especially after the region underwent various uprisings that have resulted in democratically elected governments.” Said Dr. Hatem Bazian, AMP Chairman. “These attacks are an attempt to corner the newly appointed governments and test their position toward the struggle in the Middle East.   

Israel is not, nor has ever been interested in achieving peace with the Palestinians. Rather, the Zionist apartheid state is intent on waging war in efforts to continue its policy of the ethnic cleansing and the transfer of the Palestinian people out of their homes.

AMP firmly believes withholding more than $3 billion in the U.S. foreign aid is the only way to force Israel into compliance with international humanitarian and civil laws.


Be firm, but polite, call your representative and the State Dept. demand that our government:

  • Pressure Israel to put an immediate halt on the aggression on Gaza
  • Withhold US aid to Israel