Al Aqsa under threat and what we can do about it

While attacks on the Al Aqsa mosque compound are not new, what is new is the frequency of settler incursions and Occupation Forces violence against Palestinians there. Now media are reporting the Knesset will vote next month on a bill that would partition Al Aqsa, prohibiting access to Palestinians in certain areas where Jews will be able to pray. 

This is a shift in rabbinical decree that, until recently, forbade Jews from entering the Al Aqsa mosque compound. During the past 30 years, the rise of the right-wing, settler-based Temple Movement began to shift Israeli public sentiment about Jewish access to Islam’s third holiest site. Now, a partition of Al Aqsa, similar to what happened to Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, seems imminent. In Hebron, two-thirds of the mosque was given to Jews. Access to that area is now off-limits to Palestinians, who must go through at least three Israeli checkpoints to access the small section of mosque that was left for them. 

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Attacks on Al Aqsa compound proof Israel not interested in peace

(CHICAGO 10/13/2014) – The American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) is outraged that Israeli forces today fired tear gas, stun grenades and rubber-coated steel bullets at Palestinians inside Al Aqsa mosque, disrupting the holy site’s sanctity and safety. The Palestinians were taking refuge from aggressive Israeli settlers, who, with increasing frequency, have been harassing Palestinian worshipers at Islam’s holiest site in Palestine and third holiest place overall.

After dawn prayer today, extreme right settler groups, protected by Israeli soldiers and police, entered the Al Aqsa mosque compound for the second time in less than one week. At the same time, most Palestinian men under 50 and nearly all women were banned from offering prayers in the mosque, in contravention of international law.

Remembering Sabra and Shatila in the context of the Gaza massacre

(SEPT. 16, 2014) -- Today marks one of history’s most tragic commemorations – the 1982 Israeli-backed massacre of thousands of innocent Palestinians in the Lebanese refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila.

As the American Muslims for Palestine marks this event, we also prayerfully think upon the nearly 2,200 Palestinians in Gaza who died in Israel’s incomprehensible attack on Gaza this summer. As images from residential neighborhoods like Shujayea rolled out of Gaza on July 20, 2014, which showed women, children and the elderly lying crumbled in the streets where Israeli forces had gunned them down, it was impossible not to draw parallels to Sabra and Shatila. 

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(DCI-Palestine) -- The Israeli military offensive on the Gaza Strip during July and August 2014 claimed the lives of 501 Palestinian children. Children were killed in their homes as they slept, with their parents as they fled for safety, and in UN shelters where they were told they would be safe. Some, like 3-year-old Ibrahim Omar, sought refuge and medical treatment only to be killed as Israeli forces targeted hospitals where they lay recovering. Up to 1,000 children have been permanently disabled through the loss of limbs, blindness or burn injuries.

These deaths, injuries, and ruined lives were not collateral damage. They were preventable. In August, a UN Commission of Inquiry was established to investigate war crimes during the conflict and hold war criminals accountable, but the US voted against it - it was the only country to do so - and the UK abstained from the vote. We need your help to show our representatives that we support the investigation.

Sign the petition and urge President Obama to uphold our American values of justice. Demand President Obama supports the UN Commission of Inquiry.

Empowerment Through Education and Action

The American Muslims for Palestine firmly believes that educating the American public is key to bringing about change in the Middle East. Because once Americans know what is truly happening on the ground in Palestine, they will no longer allow their tax dollars to be used to support Israel's military occupation of Palestine, the world's last and longest-lasting occupation. We are all empowered to act for justice when we know the truth.

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