AMP condemns burning death of Ali Dawabsha and calls on US to hold Israel accountable


Shortly after AMP released its statement today calling on the US to hold Israel accountable, the State Dept. issued its own statement condemning the price tag attack in the "strongest possible terms," calling the incident a "vicious terror attack."

(WASHINGTON DC 07/31/2014) – Today, extremist Jewish settlers firebombed two Palestinian homes in the West Bank village of Duma, setting them ablaze and burning to death 18-month Ali Saad Dawabsha. Four others were injured. The attackers spray-painted “Revenge” next to the Star of David in the apparent ‘price tag’ attack, terrorist actions aimed mainly at Palestinians to ‘exact a price’ for actions against the settlement movement. 

The American Muslims for Palestine, a national education and advocacy organization, roundly denounces this calculated act of violence perpetrated by Zionist Jews living illegally on Palestinian land.  AMP’s sincerely condolences and prayers go out to the families affected by this terrible tragedy, especially the family of infant Ali. 

AMP also is concerned about the lack of response from the White House and State Department, which so far have been silent on the incident. In November 2014, President Barack Obama “strongly condemned” the killing of Jewish worshipers in a synagogue near Jerusalem, saying in a statement, “There can be no justification for attacks against innocent civilians.”

AMP announces Capitol Hill briefing on holding Israel accountable for Gaza war crimes

Write and call your Members of Congress!

Israel must be held accountable for war crimes, law violations in last summer’s attack on Gaza

briefing(WASHINGTON DC 07/08/2015) – Today, on the first anniversary of Israel’s 50-day military assault on the Palestinians of Gaza, the American Muslims for Palestine announces it is co-sponsoring a briefing on Capitol Hill, asking the United States and international community to hold Israel accountable for war crimes and severe breaches of international law.

Tell John Kerry #NoMarchOnAqsa

al aqsa

Calling indigenous Palestinians “inhuman” and “foreign Arab occupiers,” the leader of the Temple Mount movement has called upon Zionist settlers to march on Al Aqsa Sunday, while right-wing Jewish groups also demand that Muslims be prohibited from entering Islam’s third holiest site during the week.

The right-wing religious Jewish groups are asking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to close Al Aqsa, Islam’s third holiest site, from sundown on Saturday to sundown on Sunday, as well as from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. during the rest of the week, according to media reports.
Temple Mount leader Gershon Salomon also referred to Muslim Palestinian worship at Al Aqsa as a “satanic,” and a “pagan abomination,” according to a statement on the group’s website.

Israel must be held accountable for war crimes in last summer’s attack on Gaza

(WASHINGTON DC 07/07/2015) – It is with heavy hearts that the American Muslims for Palestine remembers the innocent victims of last summer’s brutal attack by Israseli military forces on Gaza that killed more than 2,200 Palestinians, including 547 children.

During the military offensive, the worst since the 1967 Six Day War, Israel launched 6,000 airstrikes on the tiny strip, which is not much larger than the Chicago metropolitan area. The operation destroyed 18,000 homes, dozens of schools, hospitals and medical facilities. Entire families were wiped out in an instant when bombs fell on their homes. Neighborhoods like Shujaiyeh were wiped from the map. Israeli forces also destroyed the only remaining power plant, also impacting water treatment facilities that still have not been repaired after being destroyed in Operation Cast Lead in 2008-’09.

“That this type of assault can happen with impunity in the 21st century is not acceptable. Israel must be held to the same human rights standards as the rest of the world,” said Dr. Osama Abuirshaid, AMP national policy director.

Empowerment Through Education and Action

The American Muslims for Palestine firmly believes that educating the American public is key to bringing about change in the Middle East. Because once Americans know what is truly happening on the ground in Palestine, they will no longer allow their tax dollars to be used to support Israel's military occupation of Palestine, the world's last and longest-lasting occupation. We are all empowered to act for justice when we know the truth.

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