AMP co-organizes Capitol Hill briefing and National March on Washington

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AMP board member, Dr. Osama Abu Irshaid, left,
stands with Tarek Abu Khdeir,
during the student's visit 
to Washington DC Friday. 

Dr. Osama Abu Irshaid, AMP board member
and national coordinator, speaks at
the National March on Washington DC
on Aug. 2, 2014. 

The American Muslims for Palestine, as part of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, convened a congressional briefing on Capitol Hill to discuss Israel's violations of international law and its violence against American Tarek Abu Khdeir, a Florida high school student who was severely beated and held without charge by Israeli Occupation Forces on July 3.

Tarek testifed at the hearing. In an unprecedented move, organizers had to hold two briefings to accommodate all staffers, elected officials and media who wanted to attend.

National March on Washington

Members of several chapters of the American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) convened in Washington DC on Saturday, Aug. 2, 2014, to take part in the National March on Washington, co-organized by AMP, the Council of American Islamic Relations and other organizations.

Busloads of AMP volunteers from Minnesota, Chicago, New York and New Jersey were among the tens of thousands who marched and rallied, delivering symbolic coffins to the White House to commemorate the more than 1,800 Palestinians killed by Israel's bombardment of Gaza.

National Board member Dr. Osama Abu Irshaid, AMP National Coordinator, spoke during the rally, calling upon President Barack Obama and his administration to end US aid to Israel, to hold Israel accountable for its indiscriminate killing of civilians and to put the interests of the United States and its citizens first, instead of succumbing to pressure by the pro-Israel lobby. 

Statement by American Muslim Organizations: End Israeli Aggression and Occupation, Uphold American principles

The American Muslims for Palestine along with several national and regional Muslim organizations, including the Muslim American Society (MAS), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), American Muslim Alliance (AMA), the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC) have signed onto a joint petition demanding an end to Israeli aggression and its occupation of the Palestinian people. Several hundred individuals also have signed on. Add your name.

The statement:

August 2, 2014

The Israeli aggression against the civilian population of Gaza has surpassed all levels of brutality and cruelty. For over three weeks, the Israeli government has unleashed a violent campaign that has so far resulted in more than 1600 deaths (including more than 400 children, 300 women and dozens of elderly people), and more than 9,000 wounded (over 2500 children and 1600 women). No building, however sacred, was spared: more than 8,500 homes, 76 mosques, 2 churches, and 25 hospitals and health clinics were destroyed.  Ambulances, doctors, nurses and paramedics, schools, universities, UN buildings, libraries, shelters, food markets, playgrounds, graveyards were also bombed, in addition to 152 educational facilities. 

According to Israeli authorities 95 percent of the sixty declared Israeli fatalities are military, while according to the UN about three-quarters of Palestinian casualties are civilians. Consequently, top UN officials and human rights groups have conducted investigation and accused Israel of “war crimes,” and even called for the UN to impose an arms embargo against Israel.

Therefore, we, as American Muslim organizations, academics, Imams, community leaders and activists, affirm our unequivocal support for Palestinian rights to freedom and dignity while forcefully condemning the illegal and oppressive occupation structure.  

In short, we call for:

1) An immediate end to Israeli aggression and occupation: This distressing fact must be central to all efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The unceasing violence against the Palestinian people that has taken place for decades must end immediately. It should include the end of the siege and blockade of Gaza, the opening of all border crossings, and the release of thousands of political prisoners in Israeli prisons. The world, as contracting parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, must take responsibility and provide protection and security to the defenseless Palestinian people living under Israeli occupation and control.



Israel wipes out families as it indiscriminately attacks civilians

On Saturday, Israeli forces committed "a new massacre" in the Shujaiyya neighborhood of Gaza City. Images of dead chlidren, women and men huddled together lying on the streets is reminiscent of the Sabra and Shatila massacre in Lebanon in 1982. Israeli forces killed 66 people in the Shujaiyya neighborhood, according to media reports. 

Israeli Occupation Forces have killed 410 Palestinians and wounded more than 3,000 since Israel began its assault on July 8. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency has said more than 61,000 people have sought safe haven in UNRWA facilities - more than the number of people seeking shelter throughout all of Operation Cast Lead, Israel's three-week assault in 2008-'09 that killed 1,409 Palestinians. 

Join National March on Washington DC Aug. 2

Stop the Massacre in Gaza!


1 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 2
Gather at the White House
Transportation organized
from throughout the country

Join thousands of people in a National March on the White House on Saturday, August 2 at 1:00pm to condemn the Israeli massacre in Gaza.

We have been in the streets every day in cities around the country. What is needed now is a massive National March on Washington.

ACTION ALERT: Dedicate this weekend to Gaza!

rally boyTake action to stop Israel’s deadly assault!

(CHICAGO 07/18/2014) – The American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), is asking everyone to dedicate this weekend to the people of Gaza.


Early on Thursday, Israeli forces unleashed a ground invasion into Gaza, after warning the residents to evacuate. Gaza is an open air prison. All the borders are closed and the residents have nowhere to turn. Israel is indiscriminately targeting civilians by bombing houses, hospitals and mosques. The United Nations and human rights groups report that 80 percent of the more than 240 dead are civilians

Empowerment Through Education and Action

The American Muslims for Palestine firmly believes that educating the American public is key to bringing about change in the Middle East. Because once Americans know what is truly happening on the ground in Palestine, they will no longer allow their tax dollars to be used to support Israel's military occupation of Palestine, the world's last and longest-lasting occupation. We are all empowered to act for justice when we know the truth.

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