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By signing up for our Palestine Advocacy Corps (“PAC”), you’re joining and helping to build an army of top-notch advocates who take smart, frequent, coordinated, and impactful actions.

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  • Online town hall events with Members of Congress and Congressional staffer to discuss Palestine. As a member of PAC, you'll get to participate in setting the agenda and asking questions!

  • "Voices from Palestine" events, with select speakers live from on-the-ground in Palestine.

  • Policy teach-ins and trainings on remote advocacy tactics with expert guest speakers.

  • A network of committed and coordinated advocacy experts (including you!) around the country working together to advance Palestinian rights.

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We’re extending this invitation to all AMP supporters for an accessible fee of $10/month.


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We know that the global COVID-19 pandemic has caused global uncertainty and restricted our ability to conduct in-person advocacy, but our commitment to the liberation of the Palestinian people remains strong . We know that our friends and family in Palestine are in an exceptionally vulnerable position during the pandemic because of vicious Israeli policies that routinely deny them health care, medical supplies, human rights, and even dignity. Palestinians need our support, solidarity, and vigorous advocacy now more than ever. That’s why we’re excited to roll out this new, ground-breaking action corps that will sharpen our skills and put pressure on the US government at a critical time for Palestine.  

Questions? Contact Raed Jarrar, AMP’s Advocacy Director, at [email protected]