UN Resolutions

The United Nations has issued more resolutions demanding Israel comply with international law than any other global issue, all to no avail. While resolutions from the General Assembly are not binding, those from the Security Council are. The problem with the Security Council is, however, that just one veto from any member state will kill the resolution. The United States, as a permanent member of the Security Council, has vetoed at least 65 SC resolutions, thereby allowing Israel to break international law with impunity. Two of the most important resolutions are 242, which demands Israel withdraw from the occupied territories, and 194, which allows for the Right of Return.

  1. UN Resolution 181 - The Partition of Palestine
  2. UN Resolution 194 - Right of Return
  3. UN Resolution 242 - Withdraw from Occupied Land
  4. UN Resolution 465 - Changing Physical and Demographic Nature of Palestine Illegal
  5. UN Resolution 694 - Reaffirming UN Res. 681
  6. UN Resolution 681 - Prohibition Against Acquiring Land Through War
  7. UN Resolutions - Introduction
  8. Verbatin Record of Security Council vote on Res. 242