Oslo Peace Accords and Home Demolitions

During the Oslo Process were Palestinian Homes demolished in East Jerusalem?

During the Oslo negotiations, the Jerusalem municipality and the Ministry of Interior demolished almost 300 Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem.

Did the lives of the Palestinians improve during the Oslo process?

During the Oslo negotiations, a permanent closure was imposed on the Occupied Territories. It has little to do with security. Indeed, during the previous 26 years of occupation, including the first Intifada, there was no closure. Since 1993 Palestinians have been locked out of work, and impoverished, while Israel has imported hundreds of thousands of cheaper foreign workers. By 2002, the average Palestinian family earned only an eighth of what it had earned when the peace process began in 1993.

How much land was transferred to Palestinian control during the Oslo Process?

During the seven years of the Oslo negotiations, the Palestinian Authority achieved control of only 18% of the West Bank and 60% of Gaza – far from the idea of two states on which Oslo was based.

Did Israel continue building by-pass roads after the Oslo process began?

During the Oslo negotiations Israel began building a massive system of 480 kilometers of Israel-only "by-pass" roads, at a cost of $3 billion. The project continues to this day (May 2002), creating "facts on the ground" that make the de facto incorporation of the West Bank into Israel irreversible.. 

Did Israel stop building settlements after the Oslo Agreemnents?

During the Oslo negotiations, the settler population doubled. Thirty new settlements were established, including entire cities such as Kiryat Sefer and Tel Zion. All this prejudiced the successful outcome of the negotiations from the start.


Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions